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  • From 15 School Suspensions to Management Deal

    Baltimore, Maryland-- (JamaicaPressReleases - November 14, 2020) - Most of the world has come to a standstill. Yet, St. Mary, Jamaica's homegrown Dancehall artist Shawn Ice is making moves. The amazing talent, who was once a struggling student racking up more than 15 school suspensions, has converted his early adversities to success. Much to his credit and ...    Read More

  • Morgan Heritage, Family and Friends!

    NYC, New York-- (JamaicaPressReleases - October 6, 2020) - Longevity and consistency are what defines icons. Morgan Heritage are a true testament of the latter as the band celebrates over two decades in the music business in a series of many music celebrations to come. The multi-GRAMMY luminaries have delivered a musical gift with the re-release of their...    Read More

  • Reggae Star Sizzla Set to Release Album

    Kingston, Jamaica-- (JamaicaPressReleases - September 25, 2020) - GRAMMY nominated Sizzla is displaying his versatility with the release of his new MILLION TIMES album. Released via Zabogaubhi Music and Kalonji Music, and co-produced by Michael Fairman, Miguel Collins and G-Mac, the reggae star's latest music offering consists of twelve tracks dedicated to...    Read More

  • Omari Banks Gives A Sneak Peek Of His Upcoming

    The Valley, Anguilla-- (JamaicaPressReleases - August 6, 2020) - As self evident in many of his songs such as "Oh Africa", and "System Set" for example, recording artist Omari Banks hasn't rested only on what Forbes magazine describes as his dashing good looks and rockstar stage presence to gain legions of fans. Although the latter fir...    Read More

  • Jamaica and Netherlands Team Up Through Music

    Kingston, Jamaica-- (JamaicaPressReleases - June 1, 2020) - This time of quarantine and self isolation has translated into many creatives working and delivering on some exceptional projects. The latest stellar offering stemming from our world's current circumstances is the brainchild of Danny Creatah, Founder of popular Netherlands based online platf...    Read More

  • Edley Shine's Deliver 'Based on Talent' EP

    Washington, DC-- (JamaicaPressReleases - June 1, 2020) - Music's healing power is needed now more than ever before. And seminal artist Edley Shine has wasted no time preparing his dose of feel good music for the masses with his new EP "Based on Talent," which is set for a May 29 release. A stellar effort which boasts well orchestrated el...    Read More

  • Reggae Band EarthKry to Perform on SUNDAY LIVE JA

    Kingston, Jamaica-- (JamaicaPressReleases - April 28, 2020) - In the ever changing landscape of our present day due to impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), worldwide music festivals have been indefinitely postponed, making artists and musicians turn to the world wide web to entertain their fans. Although the experience differs from the in-person eve...    Read More

  • Reggae Star Warrior King

    Kingston, Jamaica-- (JamaicaPressReleases - April 14, 2020) - Music aims to heal, provoke thoughts, make you feel good or engage in social conversations, such is the music journey of Warrior King and no exception is his latest release "Blak Ah Kill Blak", the lead single from his forthcoming 2020 album. "Blak Ah Kill Blak is about remindin...    Read More

  • Edley Shine's New Music 'Babylon Breeze'

    Washington, DC-- (JamaicaPressReleases - April 10, 2020) - When it comes to making quality music, Edley Shine has proven that he boasts a timeless touch and innate ability to wow generations of fans with his infectious brand of Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop music. With a knack for exuding creative genius, while navigating trends and nuances, Edley Shine ...    Read More

  • Charly Black and Ne-Yo Do It

    New York, NY-- (JamaicaPressReleases - March 28, 2020) - From the terrestrial airwaves to the dancefloor, social media, TV ads and late night television, it is self-evident that dancehall and reggae music have become an ever-growing presence in all mainstream areas. The latter fueled by such tracks as "OVER AGAIN" featuring multi-GRAMMY winne...    Read More

  • Take a Nine Mile Journey with Princess Booker

    London, England-- (JamaicaPressReleases - February 6, 2020) - Born and raised in London, England, Princess Booker's parents set the foundation for her life by gifting her the "Princess" moniker. A strong title for a girl who grew up into a remarkable renaissance woman. Princess indeed wears many crowns, Entrepreneur, Fashion designer, CEO ...    Read More

  • Morgan Heritage Dedicates Tribute to Kobe Bryant

    California, USA-- (JamaicaPressReleases - February 6, 2020) - Just as GRAMMY winning Morgan Heritage were in the midst of the promotional trail of their upcoming performance at the iJAM Music Festival where they will be headlining, they along with the rest of the world received the tragic news of Kobe Bryant untimely death. As sports fans themselves and ded...    Read More

  • All Set for 7th Annual Jamaica Music Conference

    Kingston, Jamaica-- (JamaicaPressReleases - January 26, 2020) - Plans for Reggae Month in Jamaica this February are shaping up quite nicely. And amidst an amazing line up of dedicated events, activities and celebrations is the Jamaica Music Conference, aka JMC, which takes place in Kingston, Jamaica, February 13-16, 2020, under the central theme of “Reggae Me...    Read More

  • QQ Releases Sexy, Xrated Visuals for Vice Grip

    Kingston, Jamaica-- (JamaicaPressReleases - December 22, 2019) - As the multi-talented boy grew into a man, QQ has added new experiences to his lyrical arsenal with love, lust, and more mature subjects that are part of his reality, that he now shares with his fans and music lovers alike. The latter displayed on "Vise Grip" as he cast aside his inhibi...    Read More

  • The Lambsbread PASS ME THE FIRE

    Hawaii, USA-- (JamaicaPressReleases - December 18, 2019) - They've championed for World Peace Before 2021, Felt the Vibes with GRAMMY winning royalty Morgan Heritage and declared that the World Needs Love, now armed with powerful lyrics, The Lambsbread urges to "Pass Me The Fire" ! Give me the fire, make it blaze brainwash society a pu...    Read More

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