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The elusive dub hermit, toiling away in his cave. meditating on low frequency dub vibrations, is back with his new heavyweight release.

Nicosia, Cyprus, March 22, 2019 /JamaicaPressReleases/ -- The elusive dub hermit was seen again leaving his cave, wandering alone in the dark streets of Babylon. Hermit Dubz: The elusive dub hermit, often unseen, toiling away in his hermit cave, meditating on low frequency dub vibrations, is back with his new heavyweight dub release.

From an early age, the love of reggae and dub was instilled in him, and would remain his deepest love. Moving to England in the 90s as a teenager, he discovered the newly awakening electronic dance music scene and was soon DJing and creating his own sonic experiments. Over the years, the reclusive Hermit Dubz has been accumulating a horde of dub influenced sonic artifacts and building the Hermit Cave studios in Birmingham, Uk. After a long period of experimentation, isolation, meditation and contemplation, Hermit Dubz has re-emerged, ready to unleash his sonic relics.

After his first release on Dubophonic Records back in 2016, were he teamed up with the Jamaican singer, musician and painter Knati P, the Cypriot/UK producer Hermit Dubz returns with his new album entitled “Pursuit Of Balance”.

On the way to find the perfect balance between the world within and Babylon, the new album from the Birmingham’s rising dub specialist includes four heavyweight tracks and four even heavier dubs, all infused with a spiritual dubwise vibe and oriental sounds, alongside the Rootical stylings. Stepper meets orient and every bassline he uses, chases each and every vampire away … the way it should always be!

Available worldwide for digital download through Dubophonic Records and on Bandcamp

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