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MyMy Music Hip Hop expanding global reach to Jamaica. Launch at album release for Crucial Bankie, 7 p.m, June 29.

MyMy Music Hip Hop Launches In Jamaica At Crucial Bankie Album Release Party
Minneapolis, MN USA, June 30, 2018 /JamaicaPressReleases/ -- MyMy Music Hip Hop is expanding their global reach today to include Jamaica. The official launch is part of an album release party for Crucial Bankie at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston at 7 p.m this evening.

MyMy Music is the first and only streaming music destination focused 100% on the Hip Hop and R&B music of independent and unsigned artists where the community controls the music catalog. Fans discover emerging artists through a blind judging process of Hip Hop & R&B songs. When enough people like a song, it gets added to the catalog of songs. If fans vote it down, it stays out.

The MyMyMusic app is available for free on the Apple iTunes and the Google Play Stores.

“There is so much great music out there that largely goes unheard unless you stumble upon it by accident or hear about it from a friend,” says Joe Morris, CEO, MyMy Music. “Music services and radio today are completely dominated by the major labels. We have a vision to create a destination solely focused on helping new talent get discovered and for fans to uniquely engage with the music itself and its creators. We are excited to bring our service to Jamaica to highlight the talents of local artists.”

Bankie added, “I am so grateful for MyMy Music Hip Hop’s sponsorship of my album launch party today and excited for my fellow Jamaicans to also tap into this new streaming service to get heard around the world.”

MyMyMusic is based in Minneapolis MN with offices in Seattle WA, Houston TX, and Las Vegas NV.

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