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Upcoming Artist Yaksta Carvanie, Releases New Single and is making a name for himself in the music industry

Reading, Berkshire UK, August 25, 2017 /JamaicaPressReleases/ -- Upcoming Artist Yaksta Carvanie, Releases New Single and is making a name for himself in the music industry

Kemaul .M. Martin, professionally known as Yaksta Carvanie is an upcoming dancehall/Fusion & Cultural recording artist and songwriter that was born on October, 17th, 1993 in the parish of St. Mary Jamaica.
His early childhood was categorized by poor living conditions, he was raised single handed by his mother with two elder sisters and three cousins. Yaksta attended the "Lona High school" from 2006-2011. His years in high school were very rough, not only financially but emotionally as well. Especially when the absence of his father stared to take a toll on him as an adolescent, Music however had always been an escape. And he would find solace in his song writing from then and years to come. His mother would often chastise him about his music as he would stay up long nights writing songs and the dedication and time spent on music was not given to his school work.
Notwithstanding he managed to get a job as a Beach Butler at the Bamboo Beach Club shortly after leaving High school. His music was put at the back burner at that time as his focused was now on bring in income as well as joining his sister's clothing line.

In 2016, no stranger to the music industry being a “ghost-writer” for many of today’s well known musicians and released several different singles including “Surely hold Me, Woii Gyal, Favourite Song and Home of which the latest video has recently been released as well as appearing in various tabloid including this feature in the "Jamaica Star "http://jamaica-star.com/article/entertainment/20160916/yaksta-carvanie-promotes-new-ep promoting his new release EP "Stoic Torture" which can be described as an enlightening journey into the depths and complexities of human emotions.

Carvanie under the management of "Sanjay Brady" has now signed to UK label and has released an electrifying new single “While I’m Young” ft “Felch Mclean, out today, arriving worldwide in all major downloading stores as we go to press. including the label website.
Hailing from Great Britain from an “independent” company Know as In-Ex Records, whom specialises in producing, distributing and licensing.... this musical feast will Feed your appetite with melodies and club-full vibes to “make the young go wild and bring the old back in style”.

One of many products that won’t decay https://www.beatport.com/release/while-im-young/2079283.

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